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Always get a second opinion. It's free and can save you a ton of money.

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Sprinter van MECHANIC

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Vista CA

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Are You Looking For An Experienced & Honest Sprinter Repair Shop That Can Service Or Fix Your Van Quickly & For a Fair Price?

If the answer is “YES” then you need the help of our trained Sprinter van mechanics.

Call us today or bring your Sprinter Van in for a FREE estimate.

We have helped hundreds of Sprinter owners save money and get their van fixed properly the first time. We are confident that we can help you with all your mechanical Sprinter van needs.

Always get a second opinion. It's free and can save you a ton of money.

Call us right now with all your Sprinter van questions or to schedule service.

Our focus Only on Sprinter Vans 

We use Only premium parts, oil, fluids 

We narrowly Specialize ONLY in Sprinter Van Service, Repair and Parts.
We have chosen a supplier who supplies ONLY premium parts for your Sprinters. We refused to service other brands - only Sprinters.


Sprinter van



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Save money

on Repairs

and Sprinter Service

Sprinter Service & Repair Specialists

Our mechanics have the diagnostic tools and experience to provide Sprinter Van repair, service, and maintenance on Mercedes, Freightliner, and Dodge Sprinter vans. We offer everything from oil changes to major service and repairs. We service all Sprinter vehicles: Passenger, Conversion, Cargo, Minibus, RV Motorhome, Cab-chassis models.


If the Mercedes dealer has set up an “Action Plan” please give us a call to discuss the plan and make an appointment for a second opinion, we are your #1 dealership alternative. Sometimes they impose a service that you DO NOT NEED.

In our Garage, we stand behind all the work we do. Whether you need your diesel engine repaired, DEF or your glow plugs replaced, we're on hand to offer you professional help. 


Perhaps our Shop building is not as beautiful as that of wealthy dealers with AC and coffee, but why do you need to pay extra for a simple service there? You will be surprised at how much you can save with us with our first-class services. We have rich experience and knowledge of Sprinters     

...and we have free coffee!

We are the affordable and best alternative to the dealership to service your Dodge Sprinter van & RV, Mercedes Sprinter, and Freightliner Sprinter. Great Sprinter mechanics near me in Vista considered by many customers. Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RV van will be served in North San Diego in the best Sprinter shop. 


Maybe you ask yourself: where best Sprinter van repair near me? How can I find an affordable Sprinter shop near me? Where in San Diego honest Sprinter mechanics near me? How can I get a Sprinter transmission service?

Well, good news: you found us.

Just call us or text anytime. And bring your Sprinter RV for a free inspection and we will complete Sprinter Van service and repair in time.

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We'll Fix your Sprinter

We offer an in-depth and sophisticated service & repair solution for your Mercedes-Benz/Dodge Sprinter van. Our technicians are trained specifically to be able to provide efficient service solutions. We are a viable alternative to dealership service & maintenance, offering only the best to your vehicle to get you back on the road quickly.

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