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Contact your Sprinter Experts in Vista and San Diego 

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Vista CA Sprinter Shop
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Vista CA Sprinter Shop

Sprinter Service & Repair San Diego CA M

San Diego Sprinter Shop

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(760) 933 0000

sprinter van service
sprinter van repair
Sprinter van
Sprinter van rv repair
Sprinter van rv
Dodge Sprinter van repair
Sprinter van service fix

Auto company "Sprinter Pitstop"

Sprinter Pitstop is not our affiliated or parent company and has no relation to us. We are not the parent company for Sprinter Pit stop. Any statements, references or hints about this are not correct.


We are Sprinter Service & Repair with two locations locations:

6660 Mira Mar Rd, San Diego CA

and north of San Diego County in Vista:
723 Olive Ave STE B, Vista CA

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