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Sprinter Service A and B Intervals

at Sprinter Service & Repair

WHEN to perform SERVICE “A” and “B” on Sprinter van? And what is it? 

Why is it so expensive at the dealership? 

These services were invented by a Mercedes dealer and called "Service A and B". Basically this is Ordinary Services: replacing oil, filters, and inspecting fluids, wheels, and brakes. Nothing special or extra. Of course, it sounds very serious: “You need to have Service A,” or you can say that In simple words: you just need to change the oil, check the filters if it's dirty to replace them, as well to look at the brake fluids, check tire pressure, and pads. 

Why do we have NO price for Service A and B?

You are right. We DO NOT HAVE ANY FIXED PRICE for Service A or B. Why? We are convinced that you should not pay for the inspection and diagnostics of your Sprinter. IT SHOULD BE FREE, We will check the fluids for free. We will examine your Sprinter, and check the wheel's air pressure - for free. At the dealer, you will pay a lot of hundreds and hundreds of dollars — so dealer's mechanic just glances and makes diagnostics on the Van. With us, you pay ONLY FOR WHAT we do. We do not have a fixed price for Service A or B.

If you need to change the oil, then the price is only $249 or $279 (call to check) if you need to change the air filter, then $49 (call for price  *) all other checks and tests are free.

Why did the dealer come up with the concept "Service A and B"?

So that the dealer can justify a very expensive cost. With us you pay only for the work, for the inspection, you do not have to pay. Want to save $700? Call us and check. Inspection and diagnostics are free.

Service A and B concept

So the service intervals for "Service A" and "Service B" on a Sprinter are 10,000 between each. That is: at 10,000 miles, you’ll perform Service A; then at 20,000 miles, perform Service B; at 30,000 miles, perform Service A again; at 40,000 miles perform Service B… and so on. You’ll be doing one of the two services every 10,000 miles.


Service A is needed after the first 10,000 miles or 1 year of ownership -whichever occurs first. Several routine repairs and maintenance are carried out during Service A.

Normally, Service B is needed after the first 20,000 miles or 2 years of ownership, and then every 20,000 miles/2 years going forward. Like Service A, Service B includes fluid checks, tire checks, a brake inspection, and more, but it also requires cabin air dust/combination filter replacement and a brake fluid exchange.

Most Sprinter owners do not follow these intervals, just change the oil every 7000 miles and the transmission fluid every 40K, check the air filters, and change the fuel filter every 20K
Do not let you fool you. Service A and B are the regular work of a mechanic. If you missed it, come we will serve you.


"Service A"  on a Mercedes Sprinter consists of the following:


Service B on a Mercedes Sprinter consists of the following:

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