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Water pump
Serpentine Belt
Brake pads, Rotors, Lines
Battery AGM $320 
Warning lights
Camera labor from $300
Torque converter

Mercedes Sprinter Affordable Service in San Diego  

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We are affordable and reasonably priced. Sprinter Service & Repair the best alternative to the dealership service for your Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter vans & RV.

"Great Sprinter mechanics in Vista" -considered by many of our customers. Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van will be served in North San Diego in the very best Sprinter shop.


Sprinter Transmission 

Transmission fluid cools lubricates a transmission's moving parts. This important Sprinter transmission fluid plays a big role in keeping your transmission in working shape. Most transmission failure is caused by overheating, a problem that is usually preventable if you regularly monitor the clarity of your transmission fluid. MORE...


Sprinter Van Fuel Filter 

What is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fuel filter? Fuel filters are an important part of the fuel delivery system. They prevent contaminants from fuel, and the fuel tank, from entering the rest of the fuel system and causing damage. What are the symptoms related to a bad fuel filter? When the fuel filter begins to clog ... MORE...


Belt, pulleys, tensioner

Symptoms of a bad Sprinter van Serpentine Belt. Over time belts stretch, crack, and the ribs that ride on the accessory pulleys being to wear smooth. A squealing noise may be noted it is caused by the belt slipping on the pulleys, insufficiently driving them. Ineffective AC, a battery warning light, intermittent power steering... MORE...


Oil Changes & Maintenance 

To improve your MPG, reduce wear, ensuring quality engine performance and get more life out of your Sprinter Van we recommend oil change 2 times/year or every 6000-8000 miles, and transmission fluid changes every 40000ml / 2years. What kind of oil do you need for your Sprinter? Mercedes Benz recommends using low SPAsh... MORE...


Sprinter Air Filters

Air Filter on Sprinter van. You have two air filters in the Sprinter, one large - the main air filter for the engine. The second filter is smaller for the cabin (you breathe this air).

One rule: Do not forget to change filters. How often to change the air filter on your SPRINTER van? The frequency of replacing the air filter depends on... MORE...


Sprinter Brake services

Sprinter Van Brake Pad, Rotor, Speed Sensors Replacement: Brake pads extend the brake system’s life by preventing the calipers and rotors from grinding together. Generally, replacement is recommended every 20,000+ miles, but if you notice a high-pitched screeching sound during braking, be sure to book a service appointment ASAP. MORE...


Sprinter Service A & B

Intervals for Sprinter services "A" and "B"are 10000 miles between each. So at 10000 miles, you’ll perform Service A and then at 20000, perform Service B; at 30000, perform Service A again and at 40000 miles perform Service B... and so on. You’ll be doing 1 of the 2 services every  MORE...


Alternator Replacement

Your Sprinter alternator provides the electrical current necessary to keep your battery charged. Other problems, such as a bad battery or starter, may produce some similar symptoms. It’s best to have your charging and starting systems checked before assuming the alternator is at fault. MORE...


Shocks Replacement 

Signs of Sprinter Van Shock Problems: All Sprinters will eventually require shock replacement. Over time, your shock absorbers start to leak. If you see oily moisture or wetness under the shock, this is a signal that you need to urgently replace it. When this happens, your vehicle will start to sag either in the front, back.  MORE...

Sprinter Engine replacement.

If you changed the oil very rarely, every 20,000 or more, if you did not monitor the oil level, if you did not use 229.52 oil, then your engine may jam. So at some point, it simply does not make sense to repair the engine any even longer. So our experts can mount a Mercedes factory rebuilt engine to your Sprinter Van. These have really little that is rebuilt because most of the engine elements are brand new! It even consists of a new turbocharger, cooler, EGR, swirl flap, flywheel, pulleys, pump, injectors, manifolds, wiring harness, glow plugs & more! We change over your existing starter, generator, & power steering pump. These are actually covered by Mercedes parts warranty of 3 yr or 36K mi. Cost varies on year. Example 2007-2014 OM642 V6 engine replacement is around $16K - $18K

List of common Sprinter Van services: 

Sprinter manual regeneration DPF 

Sprinter front Shock replacement labor $185 - $296 axel + parts (depends on shocks)

Sprinter transmission service with correct synthetic fluid, filter & gasket check here

Sprinter fuel filter replacement $199 - $269 on up depending on the year
Sprinter van brake fluid replace/flush 

Sprinter coolant flush & replacement 

Sprinter synthetic oil change with reset service light check here

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