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​Sprinter Service & Repair in Vista CA


Sprinter BlueTec DEF 

If you are the owner of a diesel Mercedes-Benz BlueTec DEF (Sprinters 2010 model year & up), one day you may be greeted with the check engine light often triggered by a fault code such as 20BE1B, 20BD1B, P20B8, P20E8, P20BD, P20BE, P20B9. These codes are typically due to a faulty Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF heater or DEF pump. MORE...


"Black Death" Sprinter

The Sprinter Black Death is a mechanical issue involving fuel injectors and more specifically their seals. This problem is given its name due to the thick black residue found underneath the plastic injector cover. This buildup of carbon as a result of a leaking fuel injector. Few different causes including; faulty injector seals, improperly installed seals, or incorrect seals being installed.... MORE...


Belt, pulleys, tensioner

Symptoms of a bad Serpentine Belt. Over time belts stretch, crack, and the ribs that ride on the accessory pulleys being to wear smooth. A squealing noise may be noted it is caused by the belt slipping on the pulleys, insufficiently driving them. Ineffective AC, a battery warning light, intermittent power steering... MORE...


Sprinter DPF 

The Diesel Particulate Filter created to catch particles from the exhaust to prevent the appearance of harmful substances and thereby protect the environment. The DPF keeps the particles up to a certain capacity level, and once its volume full, the Sprinter ECU computer will automatically increase temp approximately to 1200 F°...



Glow plug Sprinter

A Sprinter Van Glow plug is an electrical heating device that helps diesel-powered vehicles reach the required ignition temperature. Compression temperature in a cold diesel engine may not be high enough to ignite the engine, therefore, a glow plug is required. When a glow plug is electrically energized, the heated portion reaches temperatures of more than 1000C within just a few seconds, igniting the engine. MORE...


Brake services Sprinter

Brake Pad, Rotor, Speed Sensors Replacement: Brake pads extend the brake system’s life by preventing the calipers and rotors from grinding together. Generally, replacement is recommended every 20,000+ miles, but if you notice a high-pitched screeching sound during braking, be sure to book a service appointment ASAP. MORE...


Oil cooler gasket leaking. 

Sprinter Van oil drip? All models with the 3.0L V6 diesel engine OM642, can be affected by this problem. This includes “CDI” and “BlueTEC” models alike 2006-2018 V6. At some point in 2010 Mercedes upgraded the seal material to Viton. While leaks do occur in 2010+ it is less common than in pre-2010. MORE...


Sprinter Limp Mode

Sprinter just like all latest diesel engines vehicles must follow strict Environmental Protection Agency emission guidelines and exhaust rules. Most of these systems in Sprinter trigger turbocharger turned off when there is any issue or trouble resulting Sprinter to lose pA Limp Mode is a safety feature in Sprinter that protects the engine from damage.  MORE...


Shocks Replacement 

Signs of Shock Problems: All Sprinters will eventually require shock replacement. Over time, your shock absorbers start to leak. If you see oily moisture or wetness under the shock, this is a signal that you need to urgently replace it. When this happens, your vehicle will start to sag either in the front, back.  MORE...

​Sprinter Service & Repair for any Sprinter: RV, Cargo, Passenger or Box

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