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  • Sprinter Van Repair

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OIL changes & Maintenance

For improve your mileage, reduce wear, ensuring quality engine performance and get more life out of your car we recommend to oil change 2 times/year or every 6000-8000 miles, and transmission fluid change every 40000 miles/2years.


Auto Repair

Our shop is designed for routine maintenance and repair of Sprinter vans and RV. Reasonable prices, short deadlines. Free diagnostics if your car will be serviced by us

- Engine service
- Transmission service
- Suspension service
- DEF (AdBlue, BlueTec) service
- DPF service


CHECK ENGINE warning lights

Ignoring check engine light can lead to increased damage to other parts of your vehicle, lower fuel economy, and worsened performance.


DEF (AdBlue, BlueTec) service

DEF (BlueTEC, AdBlue) is a complex system of additional purification of exhaust gases.
The system is very complex and we recommend contacting the service with the first warnings about system malfunction. Ignoring warnings can result in serious repairs. Specialists of our service know and are able to maintain this system.

- BlueTec (AdBlue) service
- Reset the warning message about the limited number of engine starts on the instrument panel
- BlueTec pump replacement
- NOx sensors Replacement


Brake services

Brake pads Replacement,
Rotor Replacement,
Speed Sensors Replacement,
Hand brake pads Replacement


DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

- DPF Diagnostic
- DPF Regeneration 
- DPF Replacement

The main purpose of the diesel particulate filter is to blacken particles and prevent them from escaping into the environment. Normal operation of the filter is guaranteed only when a certain temperature inside it is reached, which is easy to achieve on Freeway, but If you most often use short trips, then we recommend periodically cleaning the diesel particulate filter with specialists using special tools and methods.


Belt, pulleys, tensioner

Drive belts (serpentine belts) help provide power to various parts of your engine, to perform the basic functions that keep some very complex systems going. Routine replacement is recommended, to keep your van on the road



Transmission fluid cools and lubricates a transmission's moving parts. This important vehicle fluid plays a big role in keeping your transmission in working shape. Most transmission failure is caused by overheating, a problem that is usually preventable if you regularly monitor the clarity of your transmission fluid.


Alternator Replacement

Your alternator provides the electrical current necessary to keep your battery charged.  Other problems, such as a bad battery or starter, may produce some similar symptoms.  It’s best to have your charging and starting systems checked before assuming the alternator is at fault.

What Do We Offer?
  • Free Computer Diagnostic

  • Free Estimate

  • Oil change

  • Filters service

  • Alternator Replacement

  • Starter Replacement

  • Brake service and repair

  • Shock Absorbers Replacement

  • Drive Belt Replacement

  • All pulleys Replacement

  • Tensioner Replacement

  • Harmonic Balancer Replacement

  • DPF Service

  • DEF (BlueTec) Service

  • EGR Replacement

  • Fuel Injector Replacement

  • Glow Plugs Replacement

  • Fan Clutch Replacement

  • Water pump Replacement

  • Coolant system hoses Replacement

  • Turbo hoses Replacement

  • Turbo line service and replacement

  • Air Filter Replacement

  • Cabin Filter Replacement

  • Transmission Service

  • Transmission Contacting Plate Replacement

  • Tire Rotation

  • Drive shaft Replacement

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