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Sprinter Van Key Fob

Introducing our latest service at Sprinter Service & Repair - key replacement and recovery! Our expert mechanics in the workshop are now equipped to duplicate keys or restore lost ones, ensuring that you have a reliable set of keys for your Sprinter. Trust our skilled professionals to handle all your key-related needs. 

Please note that all prices online are approximate and subject to change. For precise quotes and inquiries, feel free to give us a call.

Sprinter Service redlands Vista San Diego key fob.png
Sprinter Service redlands Vista San Diego key fob van.png

Key Duplication and Lock Repair Services for Your Sprinter Van

Starting from $300*, may vary depending on the extent of physical damage, additional parts from $90 may be required.


Chip 46: $400*

Chip 7936: $700*


Key Duplication without Buttons

First Key: $300*

Second and Subsequent Keys: $200 each


Lost Key Replacement with FOB and Buttons

Takes 2-3 days: $900* (for the second key, refer to the prices above depending on the chip type)


Lost Key Replacement regular without Buttons

Completed within one day: $500*

Second and Subsequent Keys: $200* each

Next step

If you're in need of a key for your Sprinter van, take the next step today: book an appointment now, and you'll receive a complimentary inspection and consultation.

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