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Mercedes Sprinter oil change cost

Is it true that I can change oil every 20,000 miles on my Sprinter Van?

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Many mechanics will be happy if you do not change the oil at all. Why? If you change the oil every 20,000 miles, soon you will need to change the engine or rebuild it.

Do you want to make an engine repair in 100,000 miles, then change the oil every 20,000! 

Do you want to drive 400,000 without an engine repair?

Then change the oil every 7000.


How much does Sprinter Oil Change cost?

What oil do you use? Is that the correct oil?

What kind of oil do you get for your Sprinter vans? 
Mercedes Benz recommends using low SPAsh multigrade service engine oils 229.52 for 2010 - 2020

We use the only greatest German oil approved by MB. 
For the latest Sprinter Vans made after 2010, it needs to use only premium oil 229.52 and (not every oil replacement workshop has 229.52 oils).

For Sprinter vans 2002-2009 we use 5W-40 premium German oil.


Full synthetic oil 5W-40                2002-2006    call for price  *

Full synthetic oil 5W-30 229.52    2007-2021    call for price  *

*+ hazardous oil waste fee $0.15 per qt
*+   with ENGINE SKID PLATE +$60 or with Side sills/skirts +$60  RV+$30

During the oil change, we do a free inspection and diagnosis of your van.

There are many types of 5W-30 synthetic oil, only one should be used for 2010+ Sprinters (see foto). Use ONLY 229.52.

What oil does your mechanic use for your Sprinter?

Sprinter van oil change san diego_edited

Remember if your Sprinter is made after 2010, then you must use only the right oil: 229.52 (5W-30) Not just 5w-30 bu5w-30 229.52!

sprinter 229.52 oil.jpg

A client came to us and said that he had just replaced the engine oil. He had doubts about the quality,  and we did an inspection for him.

The photo shows how our new German oil looks like and see how a "new" oil from a “specialist” from another shop looks like. The big question is why does it look so bad? Maybe he didn’t completely drain the old oil, maybe he didn’t change the oil at all? This photo is worth a thousand words.

After changing the oil, always check. If it remains deep black and not transparent, then be sure that something went wrong.

We use only premium German engine oil. Yes, it is more expensive for us, but we understand the importance of the right oil. Our desire to be transparent in dealing with customers. Therefore, we are ready to answer any questions. In other shops, cheap oil is hidden from the client, but they charge you as for premium oil. Perhaps they will win a few dollars, but they will slowly ruin your engine. The engine and transmission are the most important parts of your van, so use only the best fluids and oils for you. We want to have regular and loyal customers who will always know that here they will never be deceived.

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We know that many of you already had a negative experience in other Sprinter shops, we value our clients and it is important for us that you are always confident in us - your mechanics. We value your trust and promise that we will never let you down.

One of our first-time customers was very surprised when we told him after the diagnosis that he had a good transmission fluid and that he could drive another 10,000 miles. He said that in other Sprinter shops, mechanics usually impose services on him, but this is not the case here. If you need to change or do not need to change, we will tell you the truth.

Desperate Sprinter owner came and said that the dealer convinces him that he needs to change the EGR. We checked (for free) and found that this Sprinter Van has excellent EGR and does not need to be replaced since it works great. 

Always get a second opinion. It's free and can save you a ton of money. 

Make only one short stop in our shop and we will jump onto your Sprinter as your team at pit stop during rally.

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