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Air Filter on Sprinter Van San Diego

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Air Filter on Sprinter van.

You have two air filters in the Sprinter, one large - the main air filter for the engine.
The second filter is smaller for the cabin (you breathe this air).
One rule:
Do not forget to change filters.

(2007-2022)  W906 - W907  call for price

(2002-2006)  W905  call for price

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice

How often to change the air filter on SPRINTER van? 

The frequency of replacing the air filter on the Sprinter RV or van depends on the intensity of use and the environment. Our mechanics in Sprinter Service & Repair in Vista CA can do a free inspection for you. 

Check the filter regularly and correctly install the air filter. 

Do not save on the air filter. An extra $35 a year for a clean air filter seems like a small price to pay to avoid any issues down the road. Double and triple check the filter to make sure it is seated correctly, with the foam edge being compressed all the way around! We often met improperly installed filters in Sprinters, which led to an expensive turbine replacement.


The dirt builds up in the filter media.

It's a common misconception that an older filter doesn't hold the dirt back well. That is not true. As the dirt builds up in the filter media the filter actually traps even finer particles. That is the real problem because as the filter media gets loaded up then the airflow is reduced. In the past, that would mean poor engine operation. With the engine computer monitoring and adjusting for changes in airflow that is not really so true anymore until it gets really blocked. 

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Dirty air bypass the filter.

One danger we see is that the filter can become so blocked that it distorts/collapses and breaks the seal. That lets dirty air bypass the filter media and that is a serious problem. 

Another issue specific to T1N filter is that it is easy to install it incorrectly and have the one seal edge out of place! Attention! That can allow dirty air to bypass the brand new filter media because the air will take the path of least resistance. Our mechanics have a great many years of experience in getting the filter installed correctly.


air filter sprinter van repair san diego
air filter sprinter van repair san diego

Do not forget to change the cabin air filter on Sprinter

$39 (2007-2018) W906     

$49 (2002-2006) W905

$49 (2019-2022) W907
*All prices are subject to change without prior notice

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cabin air filter sprinter van.jpg
air filter srinter.jpg
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