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Can I lose dealer MB warranty if I use your Sprinter San Diego shop?

I was told that I would lose my warranty if I use the service from independent Sprinter mechanics. This is true?

This is good question, by the way, this is a very common question, since people do not know their rights and become emotional hostages of the dealer. Sometimes dealer representatives (verbally only) create the false impression that you could lose your warranty if you do your Sprinter service or van repair in an independent shop. Or they falsely claim that you are obligated to service the Sprinter only at the dealership in order to maintain the warranty.


FIRST, this statements is ILLEGAL in the US! Perhaps only in countries without freedom and without rule of law there are such rules. But in the free world we have a law that protects consumer rights from such lawlessness. When you bought a new car in the USA, you can do the service yourself: change the oil and filters if you are able and willing to do this, and you will not lose the dealer's warranty. The main thing is to use OEM filters and use only the oil and parts recommended by the manufacturer.

We use at Sprinter Service & Repair only manufacturer's recommended oils and premium quality parts.


Secondly, do not let them deceive you, if the dealer claims that you will lose the warranty, then he is breaking the law and you can sue him for a monopoly. Perhaps verbally only they can tell you a lie, but they will never give you a document where this statement will be written.


Thirdly, this is what clearly recorded on the government FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION website for consumer protection: "You don’t have to use the dealer for repairs or maintenance to keep your warranty in effect. In fact, it’s illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs done by someone else. "











What Do Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dealers Fail To Disclose To Sprinter Buyers

​You will not lose your MB warranty if you use our service at Sprinter Service & Repair San Diego and Vista. It's legal and saves a lot of money.

Dealership-Alternative Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Service Saves Money and it's legal 

There is a lot of stories of unsuspecting Sprinter owners gladly purchasing this fine vehicle from a recreational vehicle dealer only to find themselves abandoned by the dealer after they buy their rig. 

Sprinter needs to be maintained regularly in order to continue running smoothly like any vehicle. Sprinter owners take to their vehicles to discover the country, they often find themselves facing sticker shock when it’s time to have their Sprinter serviced. What their RV dealer may have neglected to mention is that Sprinters are highly complex vehicles. Not just any repair shop has the tools, know-how or equipment to perform repairs or maintenance. A dealership can do the work, but it will cost a lot (big $$$). It’s better to find an independent trusted repair shop that is knowledgeable in Sprinter repair in San Diego.  Please check our google reviews.

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