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Don’t Take Your Sprinter To Any Repair Shop. 

This Precision Vehicle Demands Knowledgeable Expertise

Don’t Take Your Mercedes Sprinter Van To Any Repair Shop


For many of you, the idea and dream of taking to the open road and exploring the USA, North, South America at their leisure are at the top of their bucket lists. Buying a recreational vehicle RV (or camper Sprinter) and exploring the world is appealing for a million reasons. If you are traveling via a recreational vehicle, you can set your own schedule and save tons of money on airfare and lodging. 

RV truly becomes your home away from home. You can decorate it to your liking and equip it with your prized possessions. You can travel when you want and where you want. 

The new generation (millennial), prefer to live in a new lifestyle. Many of them do not want to pay for housing, instead, they just buy Sprinters and convert it to mobile housing for life and work. So they save $$$ on rent, but they can work and live in converted camper Sprinter van (not RV), while constantly changing their location, they can park everywhere and have access wherever sedans can get. Beaches, city parking, villages, mountains, deserts and so on Don't let the imagination limit you. Any place is OK, the main thing is that van remains in the mobile Internet zone for work.

What Do Sprinter Dealers Fail To Disclose To Sprinter Buyers

There is one caveat, though. If your dream vehicle happens to be a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the first time it needs routine maintenance or repair can be a truly eye-opening experience (in a bad way) if you are not prepared. Your first inclination may be to head to a Mercedes-Benz dealer for your repair and maintenance needs. That is a great idea and an easy solution — if money is no object (big money). But! If you are on a budget though, don’t trust your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter service and repair to a dealership! There are several obvious reasons for this. 
Recently, I learned very strange information from my friend. He bought a new Sprinter, according to him Mercedes Service, he calculated the payment for "Service B" - $ 2000. WHAT? When he showed me the list of works, it turned out that the same service at an independent mechanic was only $599. He could save $1,400 on just one service.

Dealership-Alternative Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Service Saves Money

There is a lot of stories of unsuspecting Sprinter owners gladly purchasing this fine vehicle from a recreational vehicle dealer only to find themselves abandoned by the dealer after they buy their rig. 

Sprinter needs to be maintained regularly in order to continue running smoothly like any vehicle. Sprinter owners take to their vehicles to discover the country, they often find themselves facing sticker shock when it’s time to have their Sprinter serviced. What their RV dealer may have neglected to mention is that Sprinters are highly complex vehicles. Not just any repair shop has the tools, know-how or equipment to perform repairs or maintenance. A dealership can do the work, but it will cost a lot (big $$$). It’s better to find an independent trusted repair shop that is knowledgeable in Sprinter repair in San Diego.  Please check our google reviews.

Before You Get on The Road, Arrange For Independent Sprinter Van inspection

There’s a straightforward fix for Sprinter owners who want to avoid the sticker shock of dealerships $$$. Before you embark on your trip, research Sprinter repair shops that have the knowledge, tools, parts and diagnostic equipment to service your Sprinter which have good reviews on Google and Yelp. 

When your travels take you to the best area of the USA - San Diego, we will take care of you and save you money. A Sprinter is a fine feat of engineering. Before a technician can begin working on its diesel engine, he must have special training on how it differs from gas-powered engines. The worst thing you can do is let an untrained technician begin tinkering around with your Sprinter. That’s a sure way to find yourself stranded and have your adventure grind to a screeching halt. We saw how in the new Sprinters "Sprinter Experts" used the wrong oil 5w30 229.3 (instead of 5w30 229.52!)

Are you searching for an independent Mercedes-Benz Sprinter expert, professional and specialist in San Diego? Well, look no further than Sprinter Service & Repair in Vista CA.  in Vista CA. Get in touch with our team and get the same very high quality of Sprinter knowledge and experience you would certainly anticipate from a Mercedes-Benz car dealership without excessively high dealerships cost.

Ask Our Sprinter Expert it is Free.

Just tell us: "Fix my Sprinter" and we will do everything on Sprinter quickly and efficiently like on a Pitstop during the rally.

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