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Sprinter's DPF diesel particulate filter

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Sprinter DPF clogged


 Your Sprinter's DPF or diesel particulate filter captures soot from the exhaust so you do not see black smoke puffing out of the exhaust as older diesels do. It holds onto & fills up with soot until it reaches a level where it must do a regeneration. During regeneration the engine computer causes the engine exhaust in the DPF to reach a very high temperature of around 1,200F which incinerates the soot. If incorrect engine oil is used (not 229.52), ash will build up inside the DPF and cannot be burned out. The DPF then clogs up and restricts exhaust flow. If the ash content is too high, the only option is to replace the DPF.  Another culprit is when a faulty temperature sensor, swirl flap motor, EGR valve, or other running issue keeps the DPF from doing its regeneration.  This causes the soot content to rise to a point that even if the original problem that kept it from doing a regeneration is fixed, it will not regenerate on its own. If not corrected the exhaust will have a severe restriction & and will lose more and more power as it clogs up further. In those cases, we must connect diagnostic equipment up to the Sprinter and force a manual regeneration.

Passive Regeneration

Your Mercedes will automatically start the regeneration process while you are driving without you even knowing. 
Unless the check engine light is on for another reason or certain criteria are not met, which can cause the regeneration process to never be completed. 

If the regeneration process does not start on its own, you will eventually get too much soot built up, that one or more of the codes mentioned above will be triggered. 

What is DPF Regeneration

During the regeneration process, the soot that has built up inside the DPF is removed. This is done by allowing the DPF (catalytic converter) to reach temperatures up to 600 C. This allows the soot to burn up and be pushed out with the exhaust gasses.  This process is done passively or can be a forced regeneration. 

Cost for Sprinter DPF regeneration is - call for price  *


Sprinter DPF regeneration

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