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Sprinter van shocks

When do Mercedes Sprinter Shocks Need to Be Replaced?

Common Signs of Shock Problems


All Sprinters will eventually require shock replacement. Over time, your shock absorbers start to leak. If you see oily moisture or wetness under the shock, this is a signal that you need to urgently replace it. When this happens, your vehicle will start to sag (either in the front, back or both). This sagging causes several different problems:

  • Worn shocks can affect wheel angle and camber, causing premature tire wear and tire scrubbing that lowers fuel economy.

  • With worn shocks, your car tends to dive more during hard braking, which can upset your handling and increase your stopping distances.

  • Shocks that no longer control the up and down motion of your vehicle can make it lean in corners and when turning, upsetting your car’s handling.

All of these problems will get worse over time and can eventually make your vehicle unsafe or uncomfortable to drive. Before it gets to that point, contact our team here at Sprinter Service & Repair. 

Mercedes_Benz_Sprinter_Van Shock_Absorbe
sprinter Front shocks leak.jpg
sprinter Front shocks.jpg

If you see oily moisture or wetness under the shock, this is a signal that you need to replace it ASAP.

One of our clients had several problems and was worried only about the expensive work on the Transmission Torque Converter. Moreover, he had a dead shock absorbers. He told us: at the beginning, repair the converter for me, and I will change the broken shock absorbers later, in a few months.

I was very surprised by this decision and wrote a letter:
"I must warn you of the dangers on the road in your Sprinter. Your front left wheel does not hold the road, this can lead to an accident. Please watch this video for 45 sec. This video will show you how the wheel moves when the shock absorber is broken.

Even if you do not want to change shocks absorbers with us, you need to do this urgently ASAP yourself or in another shop.

I wrote this not because I want to sell you the service, but to warn you so that you know that this is serious.

Of course, the Torque Converter is important, but broken shock absorbers are a risk to your life and the lives of your passengers."

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