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Sprinter Service & Repair

Special offer from San Diego Sprinter Experts 

Sometimes you want to run away from noise and problems and be left alone. But it happens that problems catch up with you in your place of refuge. Remember you are not alone, we will help restore your Sprinter so that you can enjoy the beauty. Entrust us with dirty work.

Premium Synthetic German Oil TITAN | FUCHS 

Find out more about which engine oil you can use on your Sprinter. Please remember that not every synthetic oil is right for you! Click here.

An oil change
2.0L $240

2.7L $235

2.1L $259
3.0L $264

Free brake fluid test.


Make sure you don't have water in your brake fluid. No obligations, no pressure. Just find out the quality of your brake fluid absolutely free!
It will take only 5 minutes for this brake test, just passing by drop by us and check your brake fluid, brake pipes, and pads

Rust on the brake lines, there is an urg

Sprinter Service & Repair your Sprinter Experts.

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