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VISTA SHOP: REPAIR (more than a service)

Do you need more than just regular service, do you need a repair?

  • 1 hour
  • TBD after inspection
  • Vista Sprinter Shop 723 Olive Ave, STE B, Vista CA

Service Description

VISTA SHOP 723 Olive Ave STE B, Vista CA ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. CALL FOR THE CORRECT PRICE. First, we always do FREE inspection and diagnostics. After that, we will be able to give you the best advice and recommendations. Be sure to get from us: "12 commandments using the Sprinter". After inspection we make an estimate for you, and than we will discuss with you on what day and when we can serve you. It is possible that we can start work on the same day of your appointment (if there is such a possibility). In any case, we must warn you: In the beginning, we need to determine the scope of work, then find the available time and schedule the service for you. Some works/services last 40 minutes, others 3-4 days. Loss of power, DEF or DPF or EGR problem, or does not work well or makes unusual sounds. The windshield has burst, or the belt has broken. Any Sprinter problems and oil leaks. Our doctors treat any Sprinter disease. From 1 hour

Contact Details

+1(760)933 0000

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